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AutoBMD™ is the first FDA-Approved, AI-Powered, Cloud-Based, Opportunistic Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Measurement Test that works on any CT scan.


It enables your doctor to take advantage of CT scans ordered for other purposes and measure your bone density.

don't know about their severe bone loss and hidden spinal fractures while suffering from body pain.

don't know about their severe bone loss and hidden spinal fractures while suffering from body pain.

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Pending FDA Clearance for Patient Care

Available Only for Research Studies

Get more from CAC scans than a CAC score with

AI-CAC™ is the first automated AI solution that aims to measure signs of heart disease in CT scans more accurately than humans. 





AutoChamber™    +     AutoBMD™    +    AutoCAC™    =    AI-CAC™

Automated Cardiac
Chambers Volumetry

Automated Bone
Mineral Density

Automated Coronary
Artery Calcium Score

Cardiac Risk

* AI-CAC™ is pending FDA clearance for patient care.

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Catch What A
CAC Scan Can't

& Save At-Risk Lives 

Both case studies shown here reported CAC Scores of 0, marking the patient as low risk of suffering a stroke, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure. Both patients went on to develop fatal heart failures.

Running AI-CAC™ on their CAC scans would've marked them as high risk and could've given their physicians a chance to provide a more comprehensive and protective healthcare plan.


See Other AI-CAC™ Case Examples

How does AI-CAC™ benefit your practice?

Opportunistic Value Generator

AI-CAC™ aims to enable imaging centers to add this report to CAC scans ordered for other purposes with consent from patients and referring physicians.

Consistent accuracy with 24/7 availability & rapid results in less than 1 hour

No Capital Investment Needed

Any diagnostic imaging center from anywhere in the world can sign up and start adding AI-CAC™ reports to any pre-existing CAC scans. No hardware or investment is needed.

No training or learning curve is needed, and no calibration phantom

As of now only the AutoBMD component of AI-CAC is FDA cleared.

Your patients can access the report from HeartLung's web portal and mobile app

No hardware or CapEx is required, your practice can start generating revenue immediately

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How AI-CAC™ Works

This report is created using HeartLung's cloud-based AI-CAC™ which helps doctors more quickly identify patients who are at higher risk of cardiac risk conditions due to above-average LV, LA, and LVW volume (AutoChamber), decreased bone mineral density (AutoBMD), and high arterial age (AutoCAC).

This AI-powered tool automatically extracts valuable information about heart health from any CAC scan done on a patient for any reason. It saves patients extra radiation, extra screening costs, and offers patients a better chance at receiving life-saving care.

An In-Depth Look

Introducing AutoChamber™

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Breakthrough Designation

​The AutoChamber™ Software is an opportunistic AI-powered tool that provides an estimate of cardiac volume, cardiac chambers volumes and left ventricular wall mass from non-contrast and contrast-enhanced CT scans. Using these measurements, AutoChamber automatically detects enlarged heart, as well as enlarged individual cardiac chambers, and reports cardiothoracic ratio (CTR). Detecting cardiomegaly and associated conditions enables a physician to take necessary actions to prevent adverse events associated with these life-threatening conditions in asymptomatic patients.  


Introducing AutoCAC™

A Calcium Score -also called a Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Score or Agatson Score- detects and measures any calcified plaque in the coronary arteries.

It is a highly specific marker for coronary atherosclerosis, and therefore is useful as a risk-stratification tool when assessing patients with chest pain. The greater the coronary calcium score, the larger the amount of plaque there is in the artery wall, and the greater the risk of a heart attack.


CAC is effective regardless of age, gender, and risk factor burden.

As of now only the AutoBMD component of AI-CAC is FDA cleared.

Introducing AutoBMD™

The first FDA-Approved, AI-Powered opportunistic Bone Mineral Densiy (BMD) measurement test that works on any CT scan.

AutoBMD™ enables your imaging center to take advantage of CT scans ordered for other purposes, and create opportunistic revenue. It helps doctors quickly identify patients who are having accelerated bone loss and are at risk of cracks, compressions, or fractures in their skeletal body.



It's as Simple as 1-2-3

Step 1

Set up your HeartLung Provider account in Less than 5 minutes

Step 2

Install HeartLung Gateway to send scans to cloud automatically

Step 3

Access AI-CAC™ reports on your Provider Portal and opt-in to automatically forward reports to patients

The Workflow

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Our Livelong Health
App at your fingertips

You can easily access your patient report using our mobile app.

Simply download our app and complete your profile to register.


Schedule a LiveLong Scan using HeartLung's technology


Check in & out easily with your phone with no paper work


Access your results within 24 hours


Schedule a free consultation with your LiveLong Health Coach


Sign up for LiveLong Club membership and enjoy the benefits 

Coming soon to your iPhone or Google device.

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