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Get Tested. Live Longer.

If you are over 40, you are at risk.
Take preventive actions, don't delay!


AI-CAC™ Saves Lives


AutoChamber™     +      AutoBMD™      +      AutoCAC™     =     AI-CAC™

Automated Cardiac
Chambers Volumetry

Automated Bone
Mineral Density

Automated Coronary
Artery Calcium Score

Cardiac Risk


The First FDA Approved DEXA-Equivalent

 AI-Enabled Opportunistic BMD Screening Test

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How does AI-CAC Save Lives?

View HeartLung's Presentation at RSNA

The World's Largest Conference of Medical Imaging Experts

Get Tested. Live Longer.

Experts recommend starting baseline health screenings at age 40. Understanding your current medical status can guide your lifestyle choices and affect future health outcomes. Even at 40, you may already be at risk for serious hidden conditions.


Hidden Heart Disease

About 1 in 4 Americans die of heart disease every year, one person every 37 seconds. Yet heart disease can be treated successfully when it’s diagnosed early. Less than 5% of people who can benefit from CAC scan are currently scanned. 

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Hidden Spinal Fractures

Over 2 million Americans will break bones this year, yet 80% aren’t tested for this disease. One in 2 women, and 1 in 4 men over age 50 will break a bone from osteoporosis. The only way to prevent fracture is to detect early.

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Hidden Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the #2 killer in the U.S. More women die of lung cancer than breast cancer. Unless detected in its earliest stages, it is usually fatal because it spreads rapidly. Only 3% of lung cancer is currently detected in screening.

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Hidden Fatty Liver

About 25% of Americans have excess fat stored in their livers, typically starting when people are in their 40s and 50s. There are no symptoms, so early diagnosis is important. Long COVID is linked to fatty liver disease.

If you are in your 40s, now is the time to start your preventive screening.

How can I use LiveLong app to get tested?

1. I have an existing Chest CT scan

Although a regular chest CT scan is not as accurate as a HeartLung™ scan, LiveLong App can use your scan to give you an assessment of your heart disease, lung cancer risk, bone density, and fatty liver.

2. I don’t have a CT scan and need to schedule one

You’re ready to begin. No hassles, no travel, no scheduling, no extra radiation.

Share the reports with your health provider

Share the reports with your health provider


Signup & download the app

Create a LiveLong account from your computer or phone; you decide!


Upload your images

  • Request your CT scan from your hospital

  • Upload CT scan images to your LiveLong app


Get report within 24 hr

Unlock, view, and download the reports you are interested in.


Schedule consultation with a LiveLong Health Coach


Schedule consultation with a LiveLong Health Coach


Get report within 24 hr

Unlock, view, and download the reports you are interested in.


Schedule your LiveLong™ scan

  • Find a LiveLong™ affiliated CT scan near you

  • Get a scan as 10 minutes in & out


Signup & download the app

  • Create an account and complete your profile

  • Enter insurance information

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Our Livelong Health
App at your fingertips

You can easily access your patient report using our mobile app.

Simply download our app and complete your profile to register.


Schedule a LiveLong Scan using HeartLung's technology


Check in & out easily with your phone with no paper work


Access your results within 24 hours


Schedule a free consultation with your LiveLong Health Coach


Sign up for LiveLong Club membership and enjoy the benefits 

Coming soon to your iPhone or Google device.

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1 Scan. 10 Actionable Reports

With LiveLong Scan™, you can get a comprehensive report on your cardiovascular, lungs, liver, and bone health in less than 5 minutes.

Available now


Cardiac Chamber Measurement

Bone Mineral Density Measurement

Untitled design (62).png
Untitled design (61).png

Cardiac Risk Assessment

Coming Soon!


AutoChamber  +  AutoBMD  AutoCAC  =  AI-CAC™


Thoracic Aorta Calcification & Size 


Lung Cancer Nodule Detection


Thoracic Fat & Muscle Measurement


Emphysema Scoring &  Monitoring


Fatty Liver Disease Detection


Hiatal Hernia and Esophageal Masses


Breast Density Measurement


Airways Size Measurement & Monitoring 

Which outcome will YOU choose?

The lucky ones:
Early detection saved their life.


“A short news story about a new heart test saved my life”


“Smoking caused me to develop osteoporosis”


“My heart scan showed that I had lung cancer”


“I didn’t even know I had a heart condition”

The unlucky ones:
Sadly, they missed the early detection opportunity to save their life.


Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer at 56. He may have lived longer if he sought proper medical care in time.


The actor James Gandolfini died at age 51 of a heart attack while on vacation.


Carrie Fisher, best known as Princess Leia, died after a heart attack. She was 60.


Former President Lyndon B. Johnson died at 64. He suffered a heart attack at his ranch in Johnson City, Tex.

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The first automated supervised AI solution for a

1-hour rule-out of patients with chest pain. Incorporate AutoCAC in ED to:

Heartbeat (1).webp

Reduce patient wait time

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Increase provider confidence

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Release beds for high risk, high revenue cases


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