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Get Tested. Live Longer.

Check out these stories of some lucky people who made the life-saving decision to get a screening CT scan. Then read about a few unlucky individuals who didn’t know that an early prevention screening could have detected disease while it could still be treated.


Lung Cancer

After reading a newspaper editorial that proposed making heart scans available for all Americans, Carol, age 67, made an appointment for herself. Good news: She had no heart disease.


Heart Disease

Makayla was only 54, but already had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a family history full of heart disease. When she heard about the HeartLung.AI scan, she made an appointment.



A lifelong smoker, Ichiro was scared that he might have lung cancer. He already had COPD that required glucocorticoid medications to help him breathe. Ichiro decided to get a HeartLung.

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