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What Is AutoBMD™ and Why It Should Be Offered to Your Patients

AutoBMD™ Enables Your Imaging Center To Take Advantage Of CT Scans Ordered For Other Purposes, And Create Opportunistic Revenue

CT Has At Least Three Unique Advantages:

1. Ability To Clearly Separate Cortical And Trabecular Bone

2. Offer “Real” Volumetric Density In Units Of mg/cc

3. High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Images Of Bone Morphometry Notably, compared to the cortical bone, trabecular bone loses quickly and responds first to medical therapies.

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Why Should You Offer AutoBMD™

To All At-Risk Patients?

USPTO No. 9,119,590 - Issued September 1, 2015

USPTO No. 10, 695,022 - Issued June 30, 2020

Patented Algorithm For Extracting A Patient's Bone Density From A CT Scan Licensed From UCLA

Does HeartLung Provide Patient Education on AutoBMD™, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis By Answering Patient's Questions?

What is the Arrangement for AutoBMD™ Reading Existing/Old CT Scans in PACS and Marketing the Reports to Patients on Behalf of the Imaging Center?

Can I see AutoBMD™'s FDA Approval?

How Can AutoBMD™ Help Narrow Current Health Disparity in Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures in the Eldery?


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Start adding AutoBMD(TM) to CT scan orders and improve your

patient care & bottom line.

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