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Discharge Patients with HeartLung App

Discharge patients with CAC zero and HEART Score below 7. Before discharge guide patients to download HeartLung app and scan QR code in Auto-CAC™ report available in hospital EHR. Encourage patients to follow the app and schedule an outpatient visit as soon as posible.

Receive Auto-CAC™ reports

Auto-CAC™ cloud delivers reports in minutes. 

Update SOP, Order Auto-CAC™

Update standard operating procedures (SOP) in the ED and start ordering Auto-CAC™ for patients with HEART Score below 7.

Setup CT Scan Protocols

Install the HeartLung™ CT Scan Protocols.

Register your Hospital

Complete the form and create your HeartLung account.

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Learn and explore about Auto-CAC™.

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Request more information or schedule a demo

Learn and explore about Auto-CAC™.

R/O chest pain in 1 HR with



Incorporate Auto-CAC™ in your ED to:

  • Reduce patient wait time

  • Increase provider confidence

  • Release beds for high risk, high revenue cases

Cut down ED congestion for low-risk patients and increase workflow

Up ED revenue

Cut Down Patient Wait Time from 10-20 Hr to <1 Hr

Reduce unnecessary ED time by cutting down bedtime for low-risk patients, therefore opening space for high-risk patients. Reduce patients and wait time in the ED.

Reduce potential ED liabilities

By not discharging high-CAC atherosclerotic patients without proper preventive care recommendations. Documenting discharges with CAC=0 according to latest ACC/AHA guidelines

Fast and 24/7 Auto-CAC™

Better Patient Care

Supervised and personalized

Our AI technology does the heavy lifting, allowing the specialists to focus on what is really important.

Private and secure

We adhere to the highest standards in health data security and privacy, including HIPAA and HL7 compliance. Data is never shared third parties without patient's consent.

10 million patients with chest pain congest our EDs every year.  

Thanks to newest ACC / AHA guidelines we can reduce ED congestion using AI and Calcium Score on 80% of those patients who are troponin negative. 

One Scan - Ten Actionable Reports

One quick, easy scan will provide more actionable data
about the patient significantly reducing time and costs.

Matthew Budoff, MD

Morteza Naghavi, MD

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Our team is led by pioneering physcians, computer scientists and medical specialists who have a proven track record in innovative healthcare solutions and breakthrough scientific publications.

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Our solution:

The First Automated Supervised AI Solution for a 1-hour rule-out of patients with chest pain, based on their Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) score.

*HeartLung has secured multiple patents protecting the intellectual properties behind its business plans. Any unauthorized infringement may result in legal prosecutions.

Disclaimer: As of today, HeartLung Corporation is awaiting FDA clearance for its products. All information disclosed here including promotions for Auto-CAC™ trial shall be viewed forward-looking and unavailable for commercial use in the US.