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Utilizing AI to Save Lives and Cut Costs

Millions of people are on track to experience a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, lung cancer, COPD, aortic dissection, osteoporosis and fatty liver disease that can be detected with a chest CT scan powered by HeartLung's AI.
Unfortunately, most are unaware of their high risk and will find out too late.

Are you among them?

Professor Anthony Reeves presented the multi-center collaborative research on HeartLung's innovative AI-enabled solution (AI-CAC AutoChamber) for screening enlarged cardiac chambers that can be applied to non-contrast and contrast-enhanced chest CT scans including Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring, Lung Cancer Screening, CCTA and other diagnostic chest CT scans.

Did you know...

nearly 43 million Americans don't know about their bone loss

or hidden spinal fracture while suffering from body pain?

Copy of AutoBMD Patient Report - Full Chest (1).png

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